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The core values behind our Three Farmers brand are value added agriculture, natural and sustainable growing, healthy and wholesome foods and traceable products. But the real emphasis of our brand is on the farming experience, fostering close relationships with our customers, and giving back to our communities in the many different ways we know how.

As in life, every experience is enhanced when there is a story and truth behind it; why would this be any different with our food.

The evolution of our food production and the growing divide between rural and urban living has created a disconnect between farmers and their customers. Many people do not get the chance to experience agriculture and its many facets and intricacies. Most people do not get the opportunity to walk the fields of a freshly seeded crop and check the soil for nutrients. They don’t get the opportunity to watch the crops sprout and then flower into the colourful fields that the prairies are known for. Most don’t experience the sense of urgency when the fields are ripe which drives farmers to wake at dawn and harvest past dusk. And to bring it all full circle, we don’t all get to experience the camaraderie of meals in the field; the chance to eat the fruits of our labor in the very place the work began.

We invite our customers to be a part of this in the only way we know how – by welcoming you to step into our farms and our families and giving the ability to trace exactly who and where your food was produced.

The Three Farmers Family

From our Family to Yours

Farmer and son

Farming the land that we love

Three Farmers by the equipment

Serving the food to feed our families

Farmer and son again

Building personal relationships on all levels

Helping the food bank

Supporting the communities we belong to