What makes camelina
the perfect cooking oil

The light, nutty, earthy tones of the cold­pressed camelina oil make it easy to include into your every day diet and all your favourite meals. It can easily be used to replace any other cooking oil and makes every dish memorable. For salads, dips, dressing and marinades, camelina oil captures the freshness of spring in every bite. And for stirfrying, sauteeing, roasting and grilling, the oil stands up to the heat to retain all of its nutrients and flavour. Three Farmers is your salad oil, your cooking oil and your healthy, Omega­3 supplement wrapped into one great tasting product.

Camelina has a favourable balanced, fatty acid profile:

graph describing the perfect balance of omegas compared to other oils

Studies have shown that not only are Omegas good for the body but the balance in which they are absored is just as important.

Camelina has one of the highest smoke points:

thermometer showing the relatively higher smoke point compared to other oils

A higher smoke point means that camelina oil is perfect for even the toughest culinary demands.

bottle of original camelina oil

Original Camelina Oil

A light, subtle flavour with hints of asparagus and a gentle nuttiness, our original suits your every culinary need.

bottle of garlic chili camelina oil

Roasted Garlic & Chili

The irresistible taste of roasted garlic paired with the kick of hot chili makes this oil perfect for pasta and stir-fry.

bottle of onion basil camelina oil

Roasted Onion & Basil

The subtle sweetness of roasted onion coupled with fresh, herbal notes of Thai basil; perfect for seasonal salads.


Expeller Cold Pressed

Chemical Free

Expeller pressing is a chemical-free mechanical process that extracts oil from seeds and nuts. This method of oil extraction is an alternative to the hexane-extraction method used for many conventional oils. A mechanical screw press is used to press the seed through a barrel shaped cavity. The screw compresses the seed and the oil seeps out through the openings while the debris (or meal) remains in the barrel.

Safe Temperatures

The temperature reached during pressing depends on the hardness of the seed or nut. The harder the seed or nut the more pressure required to extract the oil, which in turn creates more friction and higher heat. Given that Camelina is a soft shell seed, all of Three Farmers camelina oils are processed at temperatures less than 40 degrees Celsius; well below the standard for being officially considered cold-pressed.

Most Natural State

Delicate oils, or those in which flavour nuances are a key component such as Camelina, need to be treated with greater care in controlling processing factors. Three Farmers carefully monitors the heat that is produced during the expelling process to ensure it remains below the standard so that the delicate taste profile of our Camelina Oil is not damaged.

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