Camelina Oil and Its Unique Heat Stability

We are often questioned about the heat stability of our camelina oil. Given that it is a high polyunsaturated oil, many believe that it could not possibly retain its nutritional benefits when exposed to high temperatures of heat. We thought the same thing, until we started working with this amazing oil and testing it to […]

Chef Spotlight: Mike McKeown, Prairie Harvest

Mike McKeown of Prairie Harvest Café in Saskatoon, SK At Three Farmers, we are always looking for businesses in the food industry that are doing things a little differently and that hold true to some of the same ideals that we do. Our focus on natural, sustainable and traceable is paramount in helping us to […]

Ned Bell’s Chefs for Oceans Ride Across Canada

If you are a foodie, a lover of sustainable seafood, or have eaten at Yew Restaurant at The Four Seasons Vancouver, you have most likely heard of Chef Ned Bell, Head Chef of Yew and founder of Chefs for Oceans. Ned is a strong believer in fresh, local, natural and healthy ingredients which is why […]

Healthy Culinary Oils

Glossary of Terms Alpha tocopherol One form of vitamin E that helps to prevent cell oxidation and neutralize free radicals. It is found in high amounts in only select vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, wheatgerm oil and hazelnut oil. Cholesterol A type of fat found in animal products; eating a diet high in cholesterol, […]

BT Calgary – BBQ Grilling with Camelina Oil


Expeller pressing is a chemical free process that extracts oil from seeds and nuts. It is a natural method of extracting oil from raw material that involves squeezing out the oils under high pressure in one single step. This method of oil extraction is a healthier alternative to the hexane, chemical extraction method used for many […]


NATURELLE ET SANS COMPOSÉS CHIMIQUES L’extraction par pression est un procédé permettant l’extraction de l’huile des graines et des noix qui ne fait pas appel à des composés chimiques. Il s’agit d’une méthode naturelle d’extraction de l’huile d’une matière première qui implique une extraction sous haute pression en une seule étape. Cette méthode se veut […]


ON BEING SUSTAINABLE AND ACCOUNTABLE The farm operations behind Three Farmers products are truly holistic in nature and continuously choose to follow sustainable approaches to agriculture. Our farmers’ day to day activities take into account the ecological, economic, social and political parameters that are affected in all stages of food production. We see sustainable farm […]

These Chefs Use Camelina Oil!

Chef / Instructor Scott Poholeric of SAIT (School of Hospitality and Tourism), Calgary “I am a strong advocate for local growers and natural foods. Three farmers’ camelina oil is an example of just how excellent Canadian food products can be. The health benefits of this oil are of course very appealing but as a chef, […]

Three Farmers Camelina Infographic