Recipe by Voula Halliday The inspiration for this comes from one of my favourite things: European olive oil cakes. I’m using Camelina Oil instead because it’s such a natural compliment to the toasty flavour of the pumpkin seeds. This cake is made with simple ingredients and comes out moist and delicious, warming your mouth with […]

This is a tangy, light and summer dressing created by Doug Mcnish used for a simple crisp romaine lettuce salad or as a garnish on a plate with steamed greens. You can also try using this recipe as a healthy substitute for creamy whipped mayonnaise. Ingredients 1 cup water 1/3 cup lemon juice ½ cup Dijon […]

 Makes approx. 1.5 cups Ingredients 2 diced red pepper 2 jalapeno pepper 2 diced tomato, cored and seeded ½ red or white onion, minced 3 tbsp Three Farmers Roasted Onion and Basil Camelina Oil 3 cloves garlic 4 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp maple syrup 2 tsp balsamic or cider vinegar Salt and pepper Directions […]

Serves  4-6 Ingredients – Maple Glaze 1/2 cup bourbon or amaretto 1/2 cup  organic maple syrup 1/2 cup mustard 3 tbsp Three Farmers Camelina Oil Ingredients – Kabob 1 tbsp Three Farmers Camelina Oil 1 pineapple, cleaned and cored, cut into one-inch cubes 4 bell peppers, each cut into 8 two-inch pieces 2 red onion, […]

Serves 6-8: What’s a BBQ without the potato salad?!  Great side for burgers.  Ingredients: 2lbs baby potatoes, diced 2 tbsp Three Farmers camelina oil 1 cup real bacon bits ½ cup green onion, chopped 1 red bell pepper, diced   Dressing: 1/2 cup mayo ¼ cup sour cream ¼ cup pickle juice 2 tbsp grainy […]

Who doesn’t love Caesar salad?!  Perfect side to steak, chops, chicken or ribs. 24 romaine leaves Salt and freshly ground pepper ½ cup parmesan cheese, shredded CO-OP GOLD croutons Dressing: 2 tbsp prepared mayonnaise 1 tsp dijon mustard 1 tsp worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp fresh lime juice 4 anchovy fillets 4 cloves garlic 1/2  cup […]

4 large beets   – Dice, toss in 2 tbsp of Three Farmers Camelina Oil, season with salt/pepper, roast 4-5 large kale leaves – wash and remove stem, chop 1 cup pumpkin seeds – toasted 1/4 red onion, sliced 3 tbsp Mary Jane (hemp seeds) High in Omega 3 Dressing: 1 cup fresh, stemmed, dill 1 […]

Serves 4 Ingredients 60g Basil (about 2 large hand fulls) ½ cup Toasted Cashews 2 tbsp Lemon juice 3 Garlic cloves ½ cup Parmesan cheese 1 cup Three Farmers Camelina Oil ½ cup vegetable stock or milk 12 shrimp, cleaned 1 tbsp Roasted Onion and Basil Camelina Oil 3-4 cups cooked linguini noodles Instructions Toast […]

Using Three Farmers oils over popcorn is not only healthier than butter, IT TASTES BETTER! Three Farmers Camelina Oil (original, onion and basil, or garlic and chili) Salt Serves 2

Camelina oil is perfect for baking! Healthier, full of Omegas 3, 6 & 9 and a light nutty flavour. These muffins are always a hit! Ingredients 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour ¾ cup sugar 2 tsp baking soda 2 tsp ground cinnamon ¼ tsp salt 1 beaten egg ½ cup […]

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