Classic barbecue without the saucy mess. Throw these back by the handful at your next backyard party.

Garlic & Herb

A bold blend of garlic and herbs to perfectly complement these scrumptious pulse snacks. The perfect savoury snack and salad topper.

Lightly Salted

For those who enjoy the simpler things in life. Our lightly salted flavour crunchy little lentils have three wholesome ingredients, with no extra fluff.

Sea Salt & Vinegar

Wake up your taste buds with our perfectly balanced sea salt and vinegar. Tangy and salty these little lentils will keep you coming back for more.

Our Little Pulse from the Prairie

Big bang in a small pulse, packed with protein and flavour! You’ll be amazed that a snack so small can make you feel so might!

Key Features:

Very high source of fibre

High in protein

• Nut Free • Gluten Free •Vegan

Where Were Your Lentils Grown and Made?

We want everyone to take a front row seat in the creation of their food and be able to reach us with the questions that they have about its production.

That’s why we have made it possible to simply enter your product code – found on the back of your bag, and gain insight into how your Lentils were made.

Trace your Crunchy Little Lentils

Our Lentils Are Roasted!

We decided to stick with lentils as we grow so many of them here in Canada, and they are a lower fat option.

These lentils crunch similar to a seed but are packed full of protein.

Healthy Snacking at its Best!
Trace Your Lentils
Roasted Not Fried
Trace code in the back of the package

Find out what's inside

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