Wild Ranch

Cheesy without the cheese! Our bold and zesty Wild Ranch will satisfy your snack cravings and keep you coming back for more.

Dill Pickle Pow

The perfectly pickled punch that snacks just like a bag of chips. Only these don't just taste great, they are good for you too!

Sriracha Slap

Hot and happening, these spicy peas will have your taste buds singing. A tasty, spicy snack.

Lightly Salted

These flavoured peas are perfectly seasoned with a dash of sea salt. A welcome addition to your favourite salad or enjoyed as a protein packed snack.

Ditch the Chips and Grab the Pea Pops!

Three Farmers Roasted Peas are the perfect, flavour-packed snack that you’ll feel good about eating.

Key Features:

source of potassium • high source of fibre

source of iron • excellent source of phosphorus

• Nut Free • Gluten Free •Vegan

Where Were Your Pea Pops Grown and Made?

We want everyone to take a front row seat in the creation of their food and be able to reach us with the questions that they have about its production.

That’s why we have made it possible to simply enter your product code – found on the back of your bag, and gain insight into how your Pea Pops were made.

Trace your Roasted Peas HERE


Roasted Green Peas

You may have seen or tried a Wasabi Pea before; they are a fried snack with a coating on it. Wasabi Peas are larger and much higher in fat because they are fried and use a different type of pea called a marrowfat (high fat pea).

We decided to stick with green peas as we grow so many of them here in Canada (we are the largest producer of green field peas!) and they are a lower fat option.

We also dry roast our peas creating air pockets that result in a bold, airy crunch.

Healthy Alternative to Chips
Trace Your Roasted Peas
Roasted Not Fried
Trace code in the back of the package

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