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Here's where your camelina oil comes from.


Your Farmer

At Rosengren Farms, we are reviving ancient practices of intercropping and innovatively making it work together with modern equipment. Using zero-tillage, crop nutrition plans and an integrated pest management approach, we believe we are farming in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible. In fact we are not only sustainable, we are making huge improvements to our soil and environment with this farming system for the benefit of future generations by fixing carbon, improving soil productivity, and increasing biodiversity and biological activity in our soils.

September 2012

Your Batch

In late September 2012, we pressed lot #18 of our Camelina Oil in preparation for our upcoming appearance on the Dragon’s Den! We were notified only two weeks in advance that we would be airing on October 10th so we made haste in beginning our next run of Three Farmers 500 ml bottles. After allowing the oil to settle for a 2 week period, the oil was transferred to Northern Nutraceuticals for bottling. We also made some special changes to our packaging for these bottles. We introduced a new cap! The cap for these bottles now includes a spout. No more fighting with this fast pouring oil. You can drizzle your salads or oil your pan with very little fuss!

The seed for this batch of oil was grown by Colin Rosengren. This crop was fall seeded in 2009 for an early harvest in 2010. The beauty of storing seed in whole form is that it does not change state until it is pressed and so we are able to build inventory to offset the risk of running short in a year in which we may experience crop failure due to weather or other external factors.

We hope you enjoy!

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