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Modern food production has created a growing divide between rural and urban living with a disconnect between farmers and their customers. We want to connect you back to the origin of your food, the story of how it's made and the importance of sustainable farming practices. Scroll on to meet our farmers and our founders.

Colin Rosengren

Director and Founder

Colin is a third a generation farmer and a founding member of Three Farmers Foods. His passion for sustainable agriculture and motivation to create more transparency between growers and consumers was the driving force behind the creation of this company. Colin has his Bachelor of Science from the University of Saskatchewan. He pioneered intercropping within the agricultural community, which he started experimenting with in 2004. He regularly speaks at various forums on intercropping, regenerative agriculture and soil health. He is firm in his belief that sustainability is rooted in our ability to take care of the soil and regenerate nutrients to grow healthier plants. His background in science and agriculture serves as an asset on the Board and his insights into sustainability continually push Three Farmers to be better and do better for the community and the World.

Colin Farms in Saskatchewan with his wife Leigh, who is a veterinarian and specialist in epidemiology. They have three young children, that no doubt, will carry on the family farm for years to come.

Ron Emde

Director and Founder

Ron is one of the founding farmers of Three Farmers Foods. Ron is a 3rd generation farmer from Saskatchewan. He farms with his wife Lana and all four of his children now have a hand in the operations of the family farm. Additionally, Ron and Lana owned and ran a trucking company called Carl Brady Trucking that sold to the Mullen Group in 2006.

Ron’s passion for farming and commitment to quality is exemplified in his desire for continual growth. He plays an active role in the leadership and management of his operation. His contribution as a founder of Three Farmers Foods has been integral to the success of the organization. His commitment to the company has been unwavering and he continues to support them with his role on the Board of Directors and his work on the Finance and Audit Committee. 

Dan Vandenhurk

Director and Founder

Dan is one of the founding farmers of Three Farmers Foods. He is a 2nd generation farmer in Saskatchewan, his parents having migrated over from Holland in 1960. Dan continues to farm with two of his six children. He is the father of Elysia and Natasha and as such, has been an active supporter of Three Farmers Foods through its journey from a start up brand to an established Canadian success story.

Dan’s strong ethics and commitment to hard work have been a guiding light for the organization from inception. His desire for continual improvement and his innovative mindset exemplifies the values that Three Farmers stands for. His willingness to take an active role in a number of Three Farmers initiatives over the years has been crucial to the company’s success. His continued guidance as a Board of Director is greatly appreciated.


Natasha Vandenhurk

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director and Founder

Natasha Vandenhurk is CEO and one of the initial founders at Three Farmers Foods. She studied Economics at the University of Saskatchewan before partnering with three farmers from Southeast Saskatchewan to realize a dream of taking healthy wholesome foods to the marketplace.

Being CEO of a growing, natural foods brand has set Natasha on a journey of continuous learning and leadership. Her passion, dedication and tenacity has grown Three Farmers Foods from a young start up to a thriving international brand. As Three Farmers Foods continues to evolve into an established Consumer Packaged Goods brand, Natasha is adamant about building high performing teams throughout the organization that are dedicated to excellence, accountability and continual learning in this dynamically changing industry.

Elysia Vandenhurk

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Founder

Elysia Vandenhurk is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and one of the initial founders of Three Farmers Foods. Elysia is a Red Seal Chef and has practiced with many well accomplished chefs, including globally renowned Chef Susur Lee. Elysia’s passion for the culinary arts and palate for great tasting foods has been integral to the development of the Three Farmers Foods product lines. Her creativity and vision have been the driving force behind the launch of Three Farmers Foods snack lines. Her ability to connect with customers is an integral piece of Three Farmers success in garnering distribution of their brand across Canada. As Three Farmers Foods evolves, Elysia’s motivation to understand the consumer and make products that fit their dynamic lifestyles will continue to be a key to success.

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