Our New Little Pulse from the Prairies


Roasted Chickpeas

Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas - The ultimate healthy snack and topper.

Pea Pops

Ditch the chips and grab the Pea Pops with a satisfying airy crunch.

Camelina Oil

Canada’s Versatile Culinary Oil - Great food starts with the oil.

Three Farmers is more than just a name

Three Farmers is a trio of Canadian farmers dedicated to connecting with consumers by bringing sustainable, quality food products to the marketplace.

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Hand with seeds in it

Healthy and Wholesome Foods

All of our products are inherently nutritious - whether they be rich in protein, fibre or chalk full of Omega-3. They are also low in fat and calories!

Hand with seeds in it

Responsibly Grown and Made

We are farmer owned and operated and believe everyone deserves access to clean, nutritious foods. We are committed to innovation and regenerative farming practices, minimal processing and nutrient dense food.

Growing Fields

Proudly Transparent

We are passionate about transparency and sharing our brand story. We are committed to building customers for life through every customer interaction.

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Pea Pops Snacks
Roasted Chickpea Snacks