Sustainable Farming

Our Growing Philosophy

Sustainable agriculture is the act of farming using principles of ecology, the study of relationships between organisms and their environment. Our farm operations follow sustainable approaches to agriculture and our farmers’ day to day activities take into account the ecological, economic, social and political parameters that are affected in all stages of food production.

Watch and Listen to one of our Three Farmers, Colin Rosengren as he discusses our sustainable approach to farming.

Three Farmers view sustainable farm practices as a constant evolution. Our company strictly adheres to special, customized on-farm activities and processing procedures so that we are able to deliver high quality foods to Canadian consumers and food industry operators.

No-Till Farming and Crop Rotation

Three Farmers has been practicing no-till farming for more than ten years. This has maintained the soil’s fertility and therefore its ability to regularly produce a healthy crop. We also rotate crops in order to supplement the soil, maintain its fertility, and provide needed nutrients to the soil for future crops.


This is an ancient technique we use, mimicking nature, whereby two or more crops are planted in one field; a polyculture approach as opposed to growing large fields of monocultures. So, we grow chickpea crops with flax and our camelina with lentils. This allows each crop to get the nutrient value from the other and provide additional benefits like natural pest control. This produces high yielding crops and completes the circle of our commitment to preserving the soil for future generations and sustainable farming.