Camelina Oil is Perfect For Grilling!

June is here and it brings not only some wonderful weather but, also a celebration of Father’s Day on the 21st. We know many a Dad who loves to cook up delicious eats out on their prized barbecues; so what better topic for the blog this month than grilling?! When we are out demoing our products in stores or at tradeshows we often get asked about the best way to use our Three Farmers Camelina Oil - we get questions like, “Should I use it for marinades? Salad dressings? Stir frys? Is it safe to use on the barbecue?” Many people know that different oils have different tolerance levels for high temperature cooking and then there are some that gel when cooled and aren’t the best for marinating or for use in making salad dressings. Well, when we say that camelina oil is perfect for everyday cooking...we mean it. Yes, this oil really is the most versatile you can find on the market and it has a unique heat stability. This means with a smoke point of 475F camelina oil retains its fatty acid composition and it won’t begin smoking or burning when used for roasting, stir frying, grilling, and searing (up to 475F). AND it doesn’t gel when put in the cooler so you can use it to marinate your steaks, chicken, or veg kebabs and then take them right to a nice hot grill. As an added bonus try one of our flavoured oils, the Roasted Garlic & Chili or the Roasted Onion & Basil; these are great for pouring over chicken, beef, or fish, letting sit for a couple hours in the fridge, and give a great flavour for a quick and easy meal - no recipe needed! So, take a look at the recipes featured in our newsletter this month and on the blog for some awesome recipes sure to make the master griller in your life happy. After all summer is short so get out and enjoy your barbecue while you can!

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