Camelina Oil Reaches Tipping Point

Camelina Oil at its Tipping Point - Canada’s Culinary Super Oil Reaches Widespread Appeal As a Staple in Kitchens and Restaurants Across the Country. January 21st, 2015: Saskatoon, SK - Camelina oil has officially reached its tipping point and mass appeal, no longer being the best kept secret in oil as news of its amazing health benefits and great taste are spreading like wildfire. It has already been referred to as one of the top 2015 Health Trends by the Canadian Health Food Association which is the country's biggest trade association for the natural health industry. Not just on shelves of health stores, camelina oil is appearing in some of the biggest stores in Canada and has even found its way into the formula for hair products. This super oil has reached mass appeal and it is now a household name. Three Farmers Products, a Saskatchewan based company, are the experts who first introduced camelina in Canada and believe the public is receptive of this new oil for several reasons. Consumers are always looking for healthy products they can feel good about using and camelina oil is rich in heart healthy Omega 3s and a source of vitamin E. The food industry has also seen an increase in demand to know more about the path our food takes from farm to fork. Three Farmers Camelina Oil is naturally processed and with a unique traceability feature, a bottle of their oil can be traced back to the farmer and field in which it was grown. Camelina is extremely versatile and its high smoke point and fresh taste make it the only oil needed in the everyday cook’s pantry. It can be used in sautéing and roasting as well as in salad dressings and marinades. As Three Farmers CEO Natasha Vandenhurk says, ‘“Customers tell us all the time that they love our camelina oil and they no longer have to buy three different kinds of cooking oil as camelina has become the go to oil in their kitchen. We love that it has eliminated that frustrating oil confusion!” Not only is camelina oil being widely used in household kitchens but also by many well known chefs in their own restaurants. Chef Ned Bell from The Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver uses camelina oil in his kitchen and Canada’s first Top Chef winner Dale McKay from Ayden Kitchen & Bar is a fan. Camelina oil is appearing in recipes at Smak in Vancouver and Chef Jonathan Thauberger’s kitchen at Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar in Regina. Just like the at-home cooks who have embraced it, these award winning chefs find the versatility and taste of camelina oil is second to none and like that the product has Canadian roots. The numerous features and benefits of camelina oil speak for themselves and are what have pushed it past being just a specialty oil and into mainstream use. Get a bottle of Three Farmers Camelina Oil and join the camelina craze to see for yourself why this is one health trend with staying power.

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