From Our Farmers

The farm operations behind Three Farmers products are truly holistic in nature and continuously choose to follow sustainable approaches to agriculture. Our farmers’ day to day activities take into account the ecological, economic, social and political parameters that are affected in all stages of food production. Hear from one of our Three Farmers, Colin Rosengren as he discusses our sustainable approach to farming. Learn why we choose to use intercropping farming methods rather than organic ones. We practice 'no till' methods of farming to ensure the health of our soils for years to come. There are NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals used on camelina and non present whatsoever in our product. We are certified Non-GMO and give our customers the ability to trace their bottle back to the farmer and field it was grown in through the batch number on each bottle. Our Sustainable Approach to Farming from Three Farmers on Vimeo. We see sustainable farm practices as a constant evolution. We believe that consumers are now, more than ever, demanding the use of natural, premium processing. And therefore, it is through our company’s strict adherence to special, customized on-farm activities and processing procedures that Three Farmers is able to continue to deliver high quality foods to Canadian consumers and food industry operators.

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